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Gooseneck trailer with living quarters hitched to white pickup truck.

Trailer Parts & Accessories in North Texas

North Texas Trailers has a vast selection of truck and trailer parts and accessories at our Dallas-Fort Worth locations. Choosing to work with the best manufacturers in the industry, our products help our customers improve, maintain, and repair their trailers.

Trailer Tires and Wheels

Where to Buy Trailer Tires in Dallas-Fort Worth?

Unlike automobile tires, trailer tires don't steer, transmit power from an engine to the road, or swerve to avoid obstacles. North Texas Trailers understands that properly fitting your trailer with quality tires is about your safety and your equipment's performance and durability.

Whether you're pulling a fifth wheel, boat trailer, utility trailer, or any other trailer type, it is critical that the proper size and load range match your trailer's load requirements to ensure the best traction and wear resistance.

When choosing trailer tires, it is important to consider:

  • Tire Construction Type
    • Bias Ply
    • Radial
  • Tire Application Type
    • Special Trailer (ST)
    • Passenger Car (P)
  • Tire Size
  • Tire Load Range
    • Load Carrying Capacity
    • Air Pressure Rating
  • Rim Size
  • Rim Bolt Circle

Choosing the correct trailer tires will help you avoid some of the roadside messes and blown-out tires that trailer owners can experience.

We Sell the Best and Service the Rest

If you're unsure what tires and tire accessories to choose, bring your trailer to one of our three North Texas locations - McKinney, Lewisville, and Fort Worth. Our expert North Texas Trailers team will help you choose the best tires for your trailer or provide care for your existing tires. We'll check your tire air pressure, wheel torque and ensure you have a spare with the proper tire changing tools.

How to Choose Trailer Wheels

Similar to choosing trailer tires, selecting the right trailer wheels is extremely important to safety, performance, and durability. Your specific trailer demands determine what type of wheels you need. Whether you have a cargo trailer, car hauler, or landscape trailer, your trailer's load capacity is ultimately determined by its components. When combining wheels, tires, hubs, and axles, the part with the lowest weight rating guides the trailer's load-carrying capacity.

Along with determining your load capacity requirements, how and where you plan to use your trailer factors into choosing trailer wheels. Your wheels need to be able to withstand any condition, substance, or chemical exposure. If you have a boat trailer exposed to saltwater, you'll need trailer wheels that are corrosion resistant.

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